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Let me worry about the changes

You probably have seen reports or read articles that talk about how technology is continuously changing the way you do business. When I open my email in the morning my mailbox is full. There is so much information that is available to you, to help you succeed; to make you or break you.

You are perhaps thinking, who has time to keep track of all the changes? I am running a business here. I will just have to wing it. Hopefully it will work.

I understand, it is a lot of work to stay ahead of the curve. You are absolutely right, you don’t have time. That is where I come in. Let me help you sort it all out, let me be the one who deals with the hassle of shopping for the right service, and let you be the one who reaps the reward.

Thinking about expanding your business and need funding?

The days of going to the bank and standing in line to speak to a loan officer are over. Besides, most banks will ask you to come up with a substantial collateral, a business plan and a bunch of other documents. Don’t they know you have a business to run?

There are many business-friendly lenders out there that will give you business loans without all the hassle. They want you out there making money, because when you win they win.

Are you bringing in the customers but they can’t afford your services or products?

Now, that really stinks. It hurts more than not bringing customers in. However, I can connect you with lenders that can help your customers finance their purchase. That way everyone is happy. That way your business grows.

Are you a dentist or a medical practitioner getting squeezed by the insurance companies? Are you offering a treatment that is out of your patients reach?  No problem. I got lenders willing to help your patients out. That way you keep your doors open, and your patients get the treatment they want or need.

Need help financing equipment?

You can get your equipment financed. Pick out what you need, then let me help you with a lease of financing arrangement. When I find a lender that meets your expectations, I can connect you with them. In that way you save time, because time is money.

Information Request

Let me do the research for you. I will take your specifications and  help you choose a company from my excellent portfolio.

I do the leg work while you focus on running your business. Then you will be provided with the information you need to finalize your decision.

Profits Development Consultant
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